Welcome to Home Partners of America Agent Portal! InviteResident to Apply
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Welcome to the Home Partners of America Agent Portal!

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Portal Features

Welcome to the Home Partners of America Agent Portal! This portal allows you to track the progress of prospective residents you refer to us from their invitation through closing on a property. A few of the portal's features are listed below.

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Invite Resident

Send a personalized invitation to prospective applicants in Home Partners of America's program, which includes a personalized UTM link to connect applicants to your profile.

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Check Status

See the status of the application, resident rent approval amount, and property submission for everyone you've referred to us.

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Submit Properties

Submit a property using a tool that pre-populates prospective resident and agent information, saving you valuable time. You have the ability to save an unfinished property submission to work on later.

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Complete the Renovation Checklist

Use a mobile-friendly web form eliminates the need to scan and save a hard copy document. The completed checklist is automatically emailed to the prospective resident for approval, and when it's approved, it appears in the document section of your submission.